• Malwina Najbar

Which Wildlife Conservation Organization Should You Donate To?

You may know some of the bigger organizations like The Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) or World Wildlife Fund (WWF) or even Wildlife Conservation Network (WCN). Lots to choose from, so how do you know which one to pick? Let us take a deeper dive into what they really stand for.

WCS manages about 500 conservation projects in more than 60 countries all while educating millions of their online visitors and at their five living institutions. Charity Navigator, a guide to intelligent giving, has given WCS a 96/100 rating on accountability and transparency. When donating to WCS, 47% of program expenses go to Global Conservation and Health Programs, 42.3% of program expenses go to Bronx Zoo and New York Aquarium, and 10.7% of program expenses go to City Zoos.

WWF reports that they have doubled the number of tigers, empower people to protect wildlife, and have closed Asia’s ivory markets. WWF partners with technology companies to attempt to stop wildlife crime using drones and online management of illegal wildlife trade. Charity Navigator has issued a “Moderate Concern CN Advisory” on WWF due to an investigation by The House Natural Resources Committee. For more information about the charges, visit The Huffington Post article.

WCN proclaims that “100% of your donations support the species of your choice”. Their site certainly is the most transparent with how they handle their finances, compare to WCS and WWF. Charity Navigator scored WCN’s accountability and transparency a 100/100. WCN acts as a facilitator, connecting partners to supporters, staff, and a variety of organizations. All types of wildlife conservation efforts go to providing resources to save wildlife.

Although there are many charities that need help and donations, donating to wildlife is an effort of supporting our animals who do not have a voice. I strongly suggest you do your research before blindly choosing a charity you saw on TV. Websites like Charity Navigator are an excellent resource to help you determine which charity resembles your values.

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