• Teagen Galindo

What Are The Best States To Hunt Moose?

The three states I want to talk about are very rough terrain to hunt on. Washington, Maine and Alaska are three of the best states to hunt for Moose. Moose have three subspecies, keep in mind each subspecies of moose has different weights, heights, and many other things.

Washington has one of the highest population densities of Moose in America. The main subspecies in Washington is the “Shiras” moose. These animals love large amounts of brush and thick forest area. This makes hunting them extremely difficult but the payoff is probably a years’ worth of Moose meat. This state also has a good climate for these massive animals to survive. Moose are large animals, so, once temperatures rise above 80 to 85 degrees Fahrenheit they need to cool down in a body of water. Moose live in areas near rivers, ponds, and marshes. Always check with the department of wildlife for each state you hunt or fish. Special tags or licenses may be needed for these types of animals.

Maine has the “Taiga” moose as its subspecies. These moose can be from 600 pounds (for cows or female moose) and 800 pounds for bulls (male moose). The moose in Maine love mountainous areas and the western lakes of Maine. This makes hunting for these animals tough on your body. Make sure you have some help when you go hunting these animals, packing out and trekking back down those hills and mountains can be dangerous. Make sure to check this state's regulations and rules when you do go on that Moose hunt you have been craving.

Lastly, Alaska, this state is perfect for moose. Alaska has the Alaskan moose; this happens to be the largest subspecies of moose in North America. Alaska has the perfect climate and terrain for moose like these to thrive. The cold weather, thick forest, and large bodies of water make for a perfect home for these large animals. When hunting in Alaska for these moose it is best if you hire a guide, unless you know the area. These moose can weigh from 800 pounds (small female cow) to 1,600 pounds (full-grown adult male). Be sure to check all states' rules and regulations before hunting by going to the state's Department of Natural Resources website. Now, let's make hunting safe and enjoyable for everyone.

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