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Sitka Blacktail Deer Hunting in Alaska

Have you ever just wanted to go to Alaska and take a few weeks to hunt Sitka blacktail deer? Well, I’m going to help prepare you for your trip. Read the rest of this blog to learn a little about these deer and their habitat.

Sitka blacktail deer are a subspecies of mule deer and are closely related to the larger Colombia black tailed deer. These deer are only found in Alaska and some parts of Canada. Sitka blacktail deer have an average life span of 10 years but can live up to 15 years. Male deer (bucks) have an average weight of 120 pounds in October. Females (does) typically weigh 80 pounds in October. Bucks have been reported to reach over 200 pounds on some occasions.

Sitka blacktail deer live in the West Coastal Rain Forest of Alaska. These deer are wanderers and tend to feed on berries, huckleberry bushes, and grasses. The best time to hunt these deer is during Rut November. Rut November is when black tail start to mate, typically peaking during the middle weeks of November. Blacktail hunting technically begins in August but during this time bears are by streams hunting for food, and Sitka are usually lounging around during this time of the year. To avoid the bears, I’d recommend going during Rut November.

Planning for the unpredictable weather of Alaska is a problem you always have to think about. Plan ahead, give yourself extra time when planning a hunting trip to Alaska. The weather can change at the blink of an eye it seems. Hunting in these conditions can be a challenge, but that is part of hunting. The weather combined with the terrain of Alaska can be a dangerous place. Take a guide if needed or someone who knows the area well to help you have that successful Sitka blacktail hunt you have been dreaming of.

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