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North Texas Hog and Pig Hunting

Hunting wild hog and boar in Texas have been one of the most interesting hunts for me to think about. Want to learn a little more about these animals? Read the rest of this blog to find out some fun facts about these beautiful animals.

Wild pigs have the largest population of free-ranging hooved animals in the United States. Starting in 1982 until 2016 the wild hog and pig population has risen from 2.4 million to 6.9 million. These wild pigs reproduce at a fast rate and with no natural predators in the United States they just keep growing in population. These animals lived in 18 states in 1982 now as of 2016 these wild pigs live in 35 states.

Wild pigs are on the top 100 list of invasive species. They were brought here to America from Asia and Europe to be hunted for sport. Wild pigs are estimated to have about 300 dollars’ worth of damage per pig per year. That was an estimated 1.5 billion dollars’ worth of damage in 2007, if that amount holds true today that would make the total cost about 2.1 billion dollars’ worth of damage per year from hogs and pigs alone.

These animals can grow from 100 to 400 pounds fully grown. These animals can be hunted in Texas for a small fee of 275 dollars. Hunting these animals is key to helping conserve the land we live on and help feed hunters who love the taste of these hogs and pigs. Texas has one of the largest populations of feral pigs in the United States with about 2.6 million feral hogs and pigs living in Texas alone.

By hunting these animals we would help conserve the land we live on and help drop the billions of dollars of damage these pigs cause yearly. These damages affect all of us, not just some of us. So next time you want to cook some bacon from the store think about it and maybe schedule your first or next hunt to Texas and get some fresh hog or pig for the family.

For more information on these animals, go to Wild Pigs (

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