• Malwina Najbar

Hunting as a Woman

We all know that hunting has a strong history of the patrilineage, but many of us know that women hunt too. Based on a study from “2016 National Survey of Fishing, Hunting, and Wildlife-Associated Recreation” 10% of hunters are female. Although that doesn’t sound like a lot, there are many females who have a strong passion for hunting and fishing. Based on that study, that is 1.1 million women in the United States that go hunting. We must assure that women feel supported and are welcomed into the community of hunters.

So, where can you go to find support from other women hunters? One example is Facebook groups, there are various Facebook groups that advocate for women hunters, including “Women Hunt Too”. Those groups boost morales of women who enjoy the sport of hunting and like to share their accomplishments with other women who share that same passion. You can also join groups like The Complete Sportswoman by Artemis that advocate not only for women that hunt, but women that do it all. Women who hunt, skin a deer, navigate the wild, and more. These groups are a great way for women to be active in the hunting community and learn from one another.

The amount of people who hunt is steadily declining every year, that’s why it is so important to support women who hunt. Supporting women who hunt allows the traditions of hunting to be passed to the next generation. Our previous blog “7 Components of Conservation” talks about the importance that hunting brings to conservation. We know that the sport of hunting is valued by men, women, and children, even if they don’t hunt themselves. Let’s gather together and talk about why we love hunting as a male or female. Tell us in the comments what motivates you to hunt and how you got into it.

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