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Introducing EZHNT™

An app that allows private land-owners to lend their land to sportsmen for as little as a day. Hunting, fishing, and trapping, it's all here. Sporting made easy.

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Our Story

The beginning

What started off as a simple idea between two brothers, soon became a startup. After my active duty service, our team decided to move. Being in a whole new environment, and not knowing anyone with land, we could not find private land to hunt. We prefer private land because these are areas of significantly less pressure on wildlife by hunters. We are excited to let you know that the startup will help ensure that people can find a decent place to hunt or fish without having to run into other hunters and anglers.


Our Features

Unlimited Access is a Download Away

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Keep track of guest whereabouts

Wherever, Whenever

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Just a click away

Making outdoor recreation easier.


Common Queries

How often are there updates to the App?

We are constantly trying to refine and improve our app. We strive to bring the best customer experience based on the feedback of our users.

It all sounds great, but what does this App actually do?

This app allows two things. The first being that any landowner can offer up their property to be used by hunters and anglers. Secondly, it allows hunters and anglers to locate and book the property that meets their needs in order to practice their sport.

I’ve seen other companies that serve similar purposes. What makes yours the best?

EZHNT offers a variety of advantages. We have a system of rating and reviewing the experience of the party you do business with. If you're a guest on one's property, rate your experience with that landowner and their land. If you're a landowner, rate your experience with the sportsman. We also offer location services that allow you to search in your nearby area to find land closest to you. We also take on responsibility and offer up to a million dollars of insurance for damages or injuries.


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